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Schoultz & Partners provides a wide range of corporate law services. These include establishment of companies and changes in their forms, changes and modifications to the ownership structure, including provision of tax-efficient structures through Luxembourg, Dutch and Cypriot special purpose vehicles, company transformations, capital transfers, company sales, mergers and acquisitions and liquidations. Schoultz & Partners provides these services at the highest professional level and under very reasonable financial conditions.

Thanks to cooperation with other specialized companies, Schoultz & Partners is also able to provide its clients with comprehensive services in the areas of law, accounting, tax consultancy as well as common related issues.

Rostislav Šustek is a leading practitioner in employment law, providing up-to-date tailored advice to clients.  

And whatever field of commercial activity a client is engaged in – from standard customer and distribution agreements, to lease financing, to special projects – Schoultz & Partners will draft top quality, readable contracts that protect a client’s interests whilst getting the deal done.

Real Estate

Real Estate

In the real estate field Schoultz & Partners occupies a leading position among other law firms in the Czech Republic. The client list, which includes companies such as GE Real Estate, Avestus Real Estate, Avestus Capital Partners, Cinema City and Golden Star, as well as reference contracts in this area, proves that Schoultz & Partners is one of the market leaders in this area.

Jiří Šimeček is widely acknowledged expert in provision of a wide range of services, from land purchases, support in engineering, construction, leasing and sales, to financing and much more. He has extensive experience in all market segments from small to large projects, from hotels and residential projects to commercial projects.


Schoultz & Partners’ expertise in finance is evidenced by its position on the list of selected law firms that cooperate with the largest banks in the Czech real estate financing market. In his legal practice, Jiří Šimeček represented more than 20 domestic and foreign financial institutions in transactions amounting to an average of EUR 50 – 300 million.

Schoultz & Partners also represents clients in financial transactions related to project and acquisition financing, including refinancing. Schoultz & Partners has large experience working with both LMA standards and the standards of most leading domestic banks. In the area of financing the employees of the law firm advised both clients from the Czech Republic operating business abroad and foreign clients in transactions in the Czech Republic.


Schoultz & Partners believes that entrepreneurs in the field of the Internet and IT and lawyers can speak the same language and work together to realize new business plans. The focus of the law firm in the case of newly established companies is profiled especially in the fields of new IT technologies and the Internet. The success of our cooperation with start-up companies lies not only in the fact that Schoultz & Partners understands the needs and problems of these companies, but it is also able to respond flexibly and accommodate clients who may not yet have experience in the field of legal services.

Schoultz & Partners can provide services to start-ups of all kinds and sectors: choice of corporate form and establishment, shareholder structuring, licensing, financing, advising on the entry of new investors, joint venture relations, IT & IP, operational legal documentation (contracts with suppliers and customers, general trade conditions, etc), employment advisory, data protection law and any other special regulatory rules or laws involved. 


Litigation and Arbitration

Rostislav Šustek leads the Schoultz & Partners’ litigation team, and is recognized as a leading court advocate, handling commercial and court cases of all types on a daily basis, particularly business litigation insurance and the enforcement of receivables.

All members of the Schoultz & Partners disputes team are highly trained and have wide hands-on practice in the Czech courts. Our lawyers also represent clients in arbitration proceedings before the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.

Jiří Šimeček represents clients in international arbitrations in his commercial practice. He thus participated in arbitration under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC) and in the proceedings before a tribunal established by the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). Recently, Jiří Šimeček served as the client’s main representative in arbitration before the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI).

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